I Still Have An LJ?

Wow. So, thanks to a conversation with Frank (aside: dangit, I can't remember how to do LJ links), I was reminded of this thing. I read back through some stuff. I maybe ought to pick it up again. Just in case, here's what's new.

I live in Des Moines, Iowa. My daughter is two now. I'm trying desperately to find time for a hobby, in between work and family. It's not working out so well.

I'm a better person. Maybe. I certainly act like one, and in a lot of ways that's what really counts.

More to come, probably.
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If I ever go back to school, I think I want to major in business and minor in martial arts. After graduation, I will open an accounting dojo. If anyone reading this is a C.P.A. and also has a black belt, feel free to send me a resume.

Inspired by Bryce

Conversation at Work

Me: I know. I wanted to check on those today so I could talk to you and Allan about it at work, but instead I played dolls for like two hours before I came in.

Ira: I hear ya. I played Polly Pocket for a solid hour this morning.

State of the Stuff

Ok, we're coming off of one of the worst weeks on record. Jenny's best friend found her father dead in bed, a good friend of ours had to flee the country or face deportation, my brother-in-law was finally deployed to Afghanistan (though he arrived safely, so hooray for safe trips), and there's the constant threat of an international kidnapping hanging over my best pal's family (I shit you not).

On the more-or-less upside, my writing partner and I may be about to embark on the single biggest undertaking of either of our creative lives. More details on that when/if things start to come together.

Double XP

This might've been the most productive double xp weekend so far for me, despite not getting to play much on Friday or Saturday.

USAphid (Minute Men) and Mr. Malice (O.C.T.O.P.U.S. Inc.) both went from 14 to 20 or 21, with Mr. Malice becoming my first level 20 villain.

Armageddon Jones (Atlas Park Arbiters, I think maybe the second CoH character I made) went from 26 to within 1500 xp of 34, and I'm excited about him again.

Man Out of Time (Atlas Park Arbiters) went from 36 to 37 or 38.

Gallows Jester (Atlas Park Arbiters, my highest-level character) gained... I think two levels, which would get him to 46. He got his second epic pool power, so whatever level that is.

The Asgardian (Infinity, no SG) went from level 4 to level 9, I believe.

So all in all, a pretty good weekend. Thanks to everyone who played with me!

Back in Black (but not in black)

I'm back online. I vanished with no explanation, I know.

I got... We'll call it 'mildly electrocuted' a couple of Saturdays ago, on Valentines Day, while re-boxing the gable ends on my parents' house. Soon after that, we found some electrical problems that meant we needed to shut down the power to our place until we could fix them. "Until we could fix them" turned out to be Sunday. So here I am, at home again, with electricity and internet.

While the internet was down, I did manage to read a couple of books I'd been meaning to get around to and do some design work on our next D&D adventure. Or... I think this one's going to be a Pathfinder adventure, but still. Same difference, right? I also saw a few movies that had made my 'might ought to see sometime' list, so those are out of the way. I loved Blades of Glory. It's that same movie again, but it just never seems to get old to me.

In other news, today is O.J.'s half-birthday! She's getting big, but unfortunately she's still not very cute. Oh well, she makes up for it with orneriness.

See you guys soon then, hopefully!

New Angry Whopper

All day, I've been dealing with anger.

This morning before I left for work, I was about as fired up as I get.

By the time I got off of work, I had worked it down to a sort of simmer.

On the way home, we drove through Burger King. I got the new Angry Whopper (with Angry Sauce (I kid you not)).

I sat down to eat dinner with wifey and little O.J., and by the time I was done I was furious again.


I think so.
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That adventure that my pal Steve and I were working on for Paizo is published. It was an educational experience. I'm not sure that writing gaming stuff is something I'd ever want to do for a living - certainly not fantasy stuff - but writing with a friend is a good time. My current plan is to continue to pursue it (along with Steve, who is definitely going to keep on keepin' on), but in a more half-assed manner. I'll let you know how it goes.